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What is an Ethical Will?

An Ethical Will, also known as a Legacy Letter, communicates your essence, in your own words, and provides an opportunity for you to ensure that loved ones, as well as generations to come, have important information about you and your life. This may include clarifying your values, offering the benefit of your important life lessons and/or expressing what you care about most. Some of us have regrets we want to express. This is not a legal document but it can be a helpful complement to your Will of Inheritance.

When to write an Ethical Will/Legacy Letter

Ethical Wills can be written by anyone, anytime, including when we are facing new life situations, challenges, or transitions. This might include:


                             • Birth of a grandchild

                             • Upcoming surgery

                             • Marriage or divorce

                             • Significant loss

                             • Expectant and new parents

                             • Natural disasters

                             • Middle age and beyond

                             • Along with your Will of Inheritance

                             • End of life

We are trained to help you

We are Legacy Navigators® who are trained to help you with the process of developing this important legacy document.  We can provide one-to-one coaching, you can participate in a small group workshop with us, or you can work independently using an inexpensive workbook. The first step is to contact us to talk through your options.

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Developing an

Ethical Will



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