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An Ethical Will, or Legacy Letter, is a way to share your

                  • life lessons

                  • values

                  •  blessings

                  • hopes and dreams for the future

                  • and more…


with your family, friends, community and future generations. It is not a legal document – it does not distribute your material wealth. It is a heartfelt expression of what truly matters most in your life.


“Many of us wish we could have some assurance that loved ones will have an accurate picture of us, of who we really are, what we care about most, and what we hope to be remembered for. Today, our fast pace of life and/or geographical distance from loved ones often does not allow us the opportunity for such fundamental and heartfelt communication. Also, many families in suffer from an unfortunate absence of information about the generations that came before them. Writing your Legacy Letter can ensure that vital information is recorded and then protected for your loved ones and future generations.”


The tradition of writing of an Ethical Will is an ancient one, intending to ensure intergenerational connectedness. Current research (e.g. The Stories That Bind Us) shows the importance of this kind of intergenerational connection for the human family and for the resilience that comes from knowing our families’ stories. Today Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters are also being written by people at turning points and transitions in their lives and when facing challenging life situations. They are often shared with family and community while the writer is still alive. Please explore our website resources to learn more about Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters, including examples of these important documents.


Sharing your life lessons, values and wishes by bringing together your past, present and future can be the most profound gift you give or leave.  Our goal is to help you express important heartfelt details about yourself and your life in a written document, for the benefit of your loved ones and future generations.  Contact us to set up a free consultation.

Gail Coufal, MA

Jane Griswold, MSW

“The process of writing a Legacy Letter is life changing. I remembered what I’m passionate about and it put life in perspective.”

Heather Reynolds


Why create an Ethical Will/Legacy Letter?

“The process was done sensitively and that was important…I felt encouraged to speak with candor.  Jane was encouraging, and created an environment that was positive and supportive.”

Irv Hamilton, client

"Gail's guidance helped me express my deepest feelings for my family and my hopes for the future."  Steve Karp, client




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